Types of Containers


Wind and Water Tight (WWT)

Lowest grade container outside salvage. They are guaranteed to be Wind and Water Tight but may have many dents, dings and some rust. Generally a good quality container and great for storage and building. We do not recommend WWT unless you can inspect and accept the container from our site.

Cargoworthy (CW)

A very good quality container that left service recently. Generally around 5-10 years old and recently in use. Fewer dents and dings than WWT and the best value.

International Institute of Container Lessors (IICL)

The highest grade used container available. IICL are typically 6-7 years old and run around $200-$400 more than a cargo worthy.

One Trip (OT)

This is a new container that has made “one trip” from Asia or across the ocean. New condition.

High Cube (HC)

9’6″ tall, or one foot taller than Standard.


Standard height, 8’6″. 8′ interior height and 8′ width.

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