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A Guide to Container Sizes and Types for Different Use Cases


A Guide to Container Sizes and Types for Different Use Cases

Containers of different sizes and types

Understanding the dynamic role of 40-foot containers in international shipping and how their versatility makes them an indispensable asset in various industries – A closer look at containerization

40-foot shipping containers have changed the face of international shipping, thanks to their robust construction and spacious interiors. These containers are not just limited to shipping; they’ve found applications in a number of other industries including construction, hospitality, and retail among others. The significance of these containers doesn’t end here. They also serve as a meaningful solution for those planning to build eco-friendly homes and offices.

40-foot container on a shipping dock

Decoding the importance of 20-foot containers: Exploring its advantageous ‘loadability’ and why it’s considered the workhorse of domestic transportation.

The 20-foot shipping container, also known as the TEU, is indeed the workhorse of domestic transportation. Its compact size makes it easier to handle and transport, proving to be a top choice for light to medium cargo. The ‘loadability’ of these containers is another reason why they’re popular in domestic transportation – they’re designed to handle a surprising amount of weight without compromising on the safety of the goods inside.

20-foot container being loaded onto a truck

Unveiling the unique functionality and adaptability of specialized containers, like reefers and open-top containers, to suit specific shipping and storage requirements.

In the world of shipping, one size or type does not fit all. From transporting temperature-sensitive goods to hauling oversized cargo, specialized containers like refrigerated (reefers) and open-top containers have made it possible to be flexible with goods transportation. These containers provide customized solutions to meet specific shipping and storage needs, thereby making logistics a more streamlined process.

Reefer and open-top containers on display


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