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Shipping Container Shelving Bracket



Shipping Container Shelving Bracket


Elevate your shipping container storage with our easy-to-install Shelving Bracket. No modifications or welding required. Create custom shelves using common-sized boards. Effortlessly maximize your storage space and keep your container organized. Order now!



Simple Shipping Containers Shelving Bracket for Shipping Containers

Elevate your shipping container storage with the versatile Shelving Bracket from Simple Shipping Containers. Our heavy-duty bracket provides innovative shelving solutions that are effortless to install, without the need for modifications, drilling, or welding. Maximize your storage space and keep your container organized with our reliable and convenient shelving system.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation with hooks that hang from the D-rings inside the container and standoff legs at the bottom – perfect for hanging shelves for shipping containers
  • 2 rows for shelving, allowing the use of (2) 2×12 or (1) 2×24 boards (not included)
  • No modifications, drilling, or welding needed – an ideal DIY shipping container shelving solution
  • Heavy-duty construction supports up to 1,200 lbs per bracket
  • Enhances storage space without sacrificing floor area
  • Perfect for storing various items, including boxes, bikes, tools, and more

How to Install:

  1. Hang the shipping container brackets hooks onto the D-rings inside your shipping container
  2. Adjust the standoff legs at the bottom to ensure stability
  3. Insert (2) 2×12 or (1) 2×24 boards into the bracket rows to create the shipping container shelf
  4. Enjoy your new, organized storage space!

What’s Included:

  • (1) Simple Shipping Containers Shelving Brackets

Tip: For maximum strength and stability, place a bracket at each D-ring inside your container. Sold in pairs.

Possible Shelf Lengths (Based on ISO Standard D Hook Spacing):

ISO Standard D Hook Spacing Possible Shelf Lengths Common Board Lengths
16 inches 4 feet, 8 feet 8 feet
24 inches 6 feet, 12 feet 12 feet
48 inches 12 feet, 24 feet 24 feet


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