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Modern shipping container converted into a small office, featuring large windows and a deck, set in a landscaped outdoor area.

Rent To Own

At Simple Shipping Containers, we specialize in providing affordable and flexible solutions for your storage needs with our rent-to-own program. As a leading provider in the industry, we collaborate with the top shipping container suppliers to deliver high-quality storage options right to your location. Whether you need additional storage, a custom living space, or a tailored solution for your business, our rent-to-own program is designed to match your budget and requirements, making ownership straightforward and convenient.

12 24 36 48 Month Programs

Flexible terms allow you as a customer to select the term and payment that works best with you budget!


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Starting your journey with our rent-to-own program is straightforward! Contact us, and we will direct you to our nearest dealership. Our team will assist you in selecting the perfect shipping container to meet your needs. After choosing your container, you can easily complete our online application to get approved.

No, we do not conduct credit checks or report to credit bureaus. Approval is granted following the submission of your application, after which our customer service team will contact you to finalize the details.

To arrange delivery, we require the first and last month’s rent upfront. No deposit is necessary for standard units. Modified units may require additional approval and a higher deposit, which will be determined based on the specifics of your request.

Absolutely! We offer an early payoff option that allows you to clear your contract ahead of schedule. Discounts for early payment vary by state and can be utilized at any point in your term, except during the final six months.

Our rates are rental-based rather than interest-focused. Once you complete all scheduled payments under the rent-to-own term, the container becomes yours. We operate differently from traditional financial institutions as we do not offer loans but provide rental agreements.

The Liability Damage Waiver provides protection for your container against unforeseeable incidents. While it doesn’t cover the contents inside, it does cover the container itself, safeguarding you against the total remaining balance of your contract in case of covered damages.

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