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Mobile Office – The Versatile Portable Workspace Solution



Mobile Office – The Versatile Portable Workspace Solution


Experience the future of workspaces with our 20ft Mobile Office by Simple Shipping Containers. This portable office, built from a shipping container, offers unrivaled versatility, making it an ideal solution for remote work, on-site offices, or personal office space. Equipped with an efficient mini split for temperature control, OSB-finished walls, two windows for natural light, and easy-to-modify wiring, it’s the perfect blend of style, functionality, and adaptability.

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Transform the Way You Work with a Mobile Office by Simple Shipping Containers

Re-imagine your workspace with our 20ft mobile office, an innovative solution for today’s dynamic work environment. A portable office designed to cater to the versatile needs of individuals and businesses alike. Our product combines convenience and practicality with the novelty of a container office, changing the way you perceive workspaces forever.

Discover the Unrivalled Versatility of a Mobile Office

In the world of flexible working, a mobile office stands as a beacon of adaptability. Use it as a standalone office in your backyard, bring it to your worksite, or transport it across the country to your new home. Ideal for businesses, startups, or even as an inspiring workspace for artists, our product is geared to facilitate productivity anywhere, anytime.

Experience the Comfort of a Portable Office

Our portable office ensures maximum comfort and convenience, making it feel just like your traditional workspace. Equipped with a mini split for efficient heating and cooling, OSB-finished walls, two windows, and a 36-inch walkthrough door, it offers all the features you need for a smooth workday. Plus, our office is located in Wichita, KS, but we ship anywhere across the country, further enhancing its portability.

The Unconventional Appeal of a Container Office

As an innovative container office solution, our mobile office adds an industrial, stylish charm to your workspace. With the robustness of a shipping container conversion and the functionality of an office, it’s a fusion of style and substance.

Why Choose a Prefab Office?

Choosing a prefab office not only saves on construction time but also provides an opportunity to design your workspace just the way you like it. Our mobile office comes with easy-to-modify wiring running in conduits along the walls, allowing you to make changes as per your preferences.

Relish the Convenience of an On-Site Office

Whether it’s a construction site or a remote outdoor location for a project, our mobile office doubles up as an on-site office, offering an immediate, comfortable workspace solution right where you need it.

Why is Our Mobile Office the Ultimate Work-From-Home Solution?

In the age of remote work, our remote office stands out as the perfect workspace for individuals who need a quiet, comfortable, and dedicated area to work from home. It’s a mini office designed to meet all your professional requirements, right in the comfort of your home.

Your Portable Workspace

Our portable workspace is not just a mobile office; it’s a space where ideas take flight, collaborations foster, and productivity thrives. A testament to the modern working era, it caters to every professional need, from startups to corporates.

Reap the Benefits of a Mobile Home Office

A mobile home office gives you the freedom to balance your professional and personal life perfectly. It’s an office pod that provides a dedicated personal office space right in your backyard, eliminating commute times and offering a better work-life balance.

FAQs About Our Mobile Office

What is considered a mobile office?

A mobile office is a portable workspace that can be moved and set up in various locations. Designed for flexibility, our mobile office is a shipping container conversion, making it sturdy, portable, and easy to set up.

What is needed for a mobile office?

A mobile office needs to be comfortable, well-lit, and equipped with basic amenities like heating and cooling, sufficient electrical points, windows for natural light, and a secure door. Our product checks all these boxes, offering a workspace that’s both functional and convenient.

What are the advantages of a mobile office?

A mobile office offers numerous advantages. It provides flexibility in terms of location, saves on leasing costs, and enables a quick setup. Moreover, our mobile office is a customizable office space that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Take a step towards the future of work with our mobile office, the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience. Contact us today to transform your working experience.

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