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Custom Containers

We offer the best custom shipping container on the market. We have a variety of options, including garage door, walk through doors, Solar Power, and more. Below are some of most popular modifications, but there is almost no end to what we can do to a custom connex box.

Custom Shipping Containers

Garage Doors

simpleshippingcontainers 20ft front corned2 glass garage door stock

Garage doors are a very common modifications. We can install as small as a 8′ wide by 8′ tall door, all the way up to a 16′ wide by 8′ tall door. Install two 16’x7′ doors in a 40ft container to create your own Open Side container for cheap. Or install a 8’x7′ door opposite of the factory doors and create your own Double Door container. Standard non-insulated garage doors start at $1,500 and go to $2,500.

Standard Garage DoorsView Clear View Garage Doors

Steel Walk Through Door

walk through door stock image

Manned walk through doors are another common modification. Install the door anywhere in your container that you would need easy access to. Installing a walk through door in your container will give you better access to the container, especially if you put the door towards the rear of the container, allowing you to stack stuff higher and deeper and still allowing you to gain access to it.

Walk Through Door Options

Lock-Box and Lock

Lock Stock Image2

All Steel Construction, a shipping container lockbox will permit you to securely connect the doors together with a design that limits the ability to cut the lock. Keep a peace of mind and your connex box secure, with the guard on the left of the box protecting from an easy sawzall attempt. Add-on a lock that is specifically designed and tested to work for the lock box.

Lock BoxLock Box Lock

Easy Open Door Handle

Easy Open Handle

Add an easy open handle to your shipping containers outer most door to allow for easy use of the closing mechanism that ensures a tight wind and water tight seal. This handle makes opening the door on a connex box as easy as opening the door to your house.

Easy Open Handle

Solar Powered Fan

181223 5a91d8e5cffb62b453ab4e8d593e28c6 thumb 1

Keep your container cool with a solar powered exhaust fan. There is no need to turn this fan on or off, with the solar panel, this unit will automatically turn on. Not only is the fan great for keeping the container at a more reasonable temperature, it also creates airflow that will help reduce any condensation that develops on the roof of the shipping container.

Solar Fan

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