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36in x 36in Steel Window Frame Kit for Shipping Containers - Product Image
36in x 36in Window



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36in x 36in Window


Upgrade your shipping container with our high-quality 36in x 36in window. Designed for easy installation and durability, this window offers crystal clear visibility and energy efficiency. Enhance your container space with natural light and a secure locking mechanism. Order today and transform your container into a stylish and functional environment.

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36in x 36in Steel Window Frame Kit for Shipping Containers

Refresh the look and functionality of your shipping container with our 36in x 36in Steel Window Frame Kit. This versatile window solution is designed specifically for shipping containers, providing a seamless installation and enhancing the aesthetics of your container space.

Energy Efficient and Low-Maintenance

Our steel window frame is not only durable but also energy-efficient, helping you create an environmentally friendly container. The frame is constructed with high-quality steel materials that ensure long-lasting performance.

Smooth Operation and Weather Protection

The single panel of our steel window frame operates smoothly, allowing for easy opening and closing. With dual weather stripping, drafts are effectively eliminated, creating a weather-tight seal to keep your container space comfortable and protected from the elements.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

The decorative colonial exterior frame of our window adds a touch of elegance to your shipping container, enhancing its overall curb appeal. Whether you use your container for personal or commercial purposes, our window frame will elevate its aesthetic appeal.

Installation Options

Our steel window frame kit can be purchased as a DIY kit, allowing you to install it yourself and personalize your container space (welding and cutting of the container required). Alternatively, we offer professional installation services at our lot, ensuring a hassle-free experience. If your location is within Wichita, KS, or the surrounding area, we also provide on-site installation services for your convenience.

Transform your shipping container into a functional and visually appealing space with our 36in x 36in Steel Window Frame Kit. Experience the benefits of an energy-efficient design, easy operation, and enhanced curb appeal. Choose from our installation options and enjoy the convenience of customization. Order now and take the first step towards upgrading your container space.

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