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Exhaust Fan Kit – Solar Powered



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Exhaust Fan Kit – Solar Powered


Improve ventilation and control temperature in your shipping container with our Solar Powered Exhaust Fan Kit. Easy to install, the kit includes all necessary hardware and features a water-tight design. Harness the power of the sun for energy-efficient ventilation. Upgrade your container project today and enjoy a more comfortable and functional container space.



Solar Powered Exhaust Fan Kit for Shipping Containers

Our Solar Powered Exhaust Fan Kit, specifically designed for shipping containers. This innovative kit provides efficient ventilation and cooling solutions, ensuring optimal airflow inside your container. With easy installation and all-inclusive hardware, this kit is a must-have addition to your container project.

Solar Powered for Energy Efficiency

Our exhaust fan operates on solar power, harnessing the energy from the sun to provide continuous ventilation without the need for external power sources. This energy-efficient solution reduces electricity consumption and helps maintain a comfortable environment within the container.

Complete Installation Kit

The kit includes all the necessary hardware for mounting the fan onto the side and the solar panel onto the roof of the container. It comes with JB Weld, a high-strength adhesive, to securely bond the solar panel brackets to the container roof. The wires are pre-wired with connectors, ensuring easy and hassle-free installation. The solar panel wires also feature a water-tight bung fitting, effectively sealing the hole required for the wiring.

Water-Tight Design

To ensure the container remains water-tight, the exhaust fan includes a gasket area, and the kit provides sealant to create a proper gasket seal. This prevents water from entering the container, maintaining the integrity of your stored items.

Simplified Installation Process

Installing the Solar Powered Exhaust Fan Kit is straightforward. A hole needs to be drilled on the roof of the container, and a square hole must be cut in the side of the container. The kit provides a template for precise hole placement. We recommend drilling holes in the corners of the square hole to facilitate the cutting process without overcutting. Follow the provided instructions for a seamless installation experience.

Enhance Ventilation and Temperature Control

With our Solar Powered Exhaust Fan Kit, you can effectively improve ventilation and control the temperature inside your shipping container. By removing excess heat and moisture, this kit helps prevent damage to your stored items and creates a more comfortable and functional space.

Upgrade Your Container Project Today

Don’t miss out on the benefits of our Solar Powered Exhaust Fan Kit. Experience energy-efficient ventilation, complete installation convenience, and a water-tight design. Create a more comfortable and functional container space by ordering your kit now. Start enjoying the advantages of enhanced ventilation and temperature control in your shipping container.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in
Installation Type

Customer Install, We Install


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